Do you have any habits, either good or bad?? I know I do and sometimes it feels like my bad habits out-way my good ones. Staying up too late, eating too much (I LOVE food!!), not having a disciplined quiet time…. I really could go on and on!!

Do you have the desire in your heart to achieve something great?  

It is that desire deep down that keeps pushing you. That fire that you can not explain but it is their burning, stirring, sometimes driving you crazy because you do not know what to do about it. Did you know that desire might be something you are supposed to achieve, accomplish, start, finish, complete it?? Sometime when we feel that desire we may not know what to do with it or where to begin with it.

OK… OK… I know I totally switched from one subject to the other. How are desires in our heart and habits related? To achieve the greatness that God created us for is going to start out with a small habit that we start today. There is going to be a slim chance that the desire in your heart with come to fruition over night. And if it does you will have a hard time having it last…

Watch this on habits:

Do you see now how they are related??

We have to have habits that start small to achieve the success later of the desire that we have now. Related to your desire in you heart right now what will you start to do tomorrow. Write it down… tell someone…. start it…

First Jump

We have to start somewhere. Right?? It is the beginning of a new year and isn’t that what we do? Make grand plans, or resolutions, and try really hard to kept them throughout the year. This year I refuse to make those plans I will start off with one new change and go from there. I do have a little fear of changing things. I moved around a lot as a child and all I ever wanted was to stay still in one place. I did have a great childhood and my parents love me dearly but we were always changing. So looking back I really do have a fear of change. I know that to break that habit I have to first jump!


leap of faith



So for this time in my life I really wanted to try something new. Writing is something new that I wanted to try. I LOVE helping people. To be able to share experiences that I may have had that might help someone else means the world to me.

I do know that a change, whatever it may be, deciding to not eat sugar tomorrow, what new thing I will try, or even changing careers, does not need to be too complicated… all you need to do is begin….


 dont make things too complicated




I have a few thing that I would like to change and try out. I will take one foot in front of the other. This will be an adventure….